5G Shielding Clothes Startup

5G Shielding Clothes is a startup crowdfunding project that will launch a company delivering 5G protective clothing that can be custom ordered and delivered through online print-on-demand services to end customers.

There is a lot of disinfo being spread about 5G, but that doesn’t mean 5G cannot be used to affect us in the nearby future. 5G offers the bandwidth to make anyone part of ‘the internet of things’: find out how.

MXene protective ink is an ink developed via nanotechnology that protects against 5G radiation.

With money raised through crowdfunding we will develop 5G protective clothing to walk the streets safely. This way you don’t need to worry about your DNA or your brain being affected. You will be shielded.

With the crowdfunding money, a company will be established that will provide print on demand garments: head protection, shirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers, gloves, shoos, overalls and custom designs. All this is made possible by high tech 3D printing technology.

This crowdfunding will raise the initial funding to set up the company and the team. Click on the menu to find out why and more..