Why we should protect against 5G

Whether we like it or not, we know that governments are working towards a total rollout of 5G. There is a lot of disinfo being spread about 5G, but that doesn’t mean 5G cannot be used to affect us in the nearby future. 5G offers the bandwidth to make us part of ‘the internet of things’.

The internet of living things

If we delve deep into it we are able to discover that for example the CRISPR-CAS12 method makes our DNA rewritable online. Brain-computer-interfaces will be non-invasive (meaning: no surgery needed). We could soon become part of the internet of things. But what if you want to shield yourselve against this?

In the old days people used to fight with swords and spears and knights would wear metal armor. Today, soldiers have kevlar vests and helmets. The swords and spears have made way for bullets and bombs, and the armor is now made of kevlar. Would it be possible to also create an armor against radiation?

Yes! After long research we discovered that shielding against 5G radiation is indeed possible. A printable nanotech ink has been developed in Korea to provide protection.